The Only Comprehensive Mindset Diagnostic for Coaching, Performance, Development, Change, and So Much More.


Organisations would not survive today without understanding what drives their success. That means a wealth of financial, customer, operational and people measures.


We get it… it’s all important. BUT

You are most likely missing one critical measure that will give you information about what matters most – the mindset of your people.

Business metrics help you assess progress, make effective decisions, also prioritise.

We measure mindset so you can do the same – for the people in your organisation. We help you gain the insights that enable you to really understand what is going on with your people.

Mindset is more than just attitudes.

We believe Mindset is everything. And that’s why we measure everything about mindset.

Mindset Dimensions provides the only overall picture of someone’s mindset.

You know that understanding what makes your employees tick is key when it comes to helping them achieve their goals, realise their potential and create lasting change.

Through our comprehensive suite of online assessments, we provide you with a mindset profile that provides insights and a solid foundation for so many areas in your business, including:


Team Building

Learning and Growth

Skills development


Onboarding and First 90-days

Supporting Remote Working

Change Initiatives

Culture Change

Performance Management



Creativity and Innovation

Building Trust

Creativity and Innovation

Building Trust

Mindset Dimensions is designed to supplement the assessment tools you may already currently use in your organisation, such as people and engagement surveys.

Mindset Dimensions strengthens your suite of people diagnostics by providing you with even greater insights into what drives the performance and behaviour of your people.

You’ll gain new insights from Mindset Dimensions AND see the data that you already gather in new ways.

At Mindset Dimensions we believe that understanding mindset is a complex and challenging area for most leaders. Over many years of corporate experience, we have witnessed first-hand mindset being simplified as “hearts and minds”, being dismissed as unimportant, or worse, misinterpreted and acted upon with negative consequences.

At Mindset Dimensions we also know that no two mindsets are the same, which adds to the challenge for leaders. So we decided to address this problem for organisations by developing a comprehensive mindset measurement tool.

We felt a strong need to help leaders improve their understanding of mindset and how to go about changing the mindsets of their people. And in doing so, improve their wellbeing, increase their overall performance, shift culture, improve communication, enable change, and essentially anything the organisation desires, as people are at the centre of everything an organisation does.

We believe that understanding mindset and knowing how to really change it, is the critical missing piece in businesses today.

At Mindset Dimensions™ we not only help you measure mindset, we also ensure you know how to interpret the results and put in place the right actions to enable and drive change.

What we bring to the table

Over 50 years of combined global corporate experience in:

Mindset Coaching
Human Resources
Leadership Development
Organisational Change
Organisational Development
People & Culture Strategy
Enabling Technologies

We know mindset, and we know what to do with a comprehensive insight into the mindset of individuals and teams throughout your organisation.

How you can apply Mindset Dimensions to create impact and change.


Discover opportunities to improve resilience and wellbeing

We believe that great mental health and wellbeing is at the heart of every great organisation. The Mindset Dimensions Report™ provides insights about what is holding your team, or in fact, your organisation, back from success. Address wellbeing and resilience, and you will address so much more.


Improve employee and customer relationships and build trust

We believe that one of the secrets to building strong and lasting relationships is through understanding mindset. The Mindset Dimensions Report™ gives you all you need to change how people relate to others and develop quality, long-term relationships.

Learning & Growth

Identify development needs and tailor coaching and training

We believe that you recognise the value of providing targeted learning and development opportunities to drive the growth of your people and your business. At Mindset Dimensions we help you identify specific training needs for individuals and teams as well as more comprehensive development plans for anyone with a Mindset Dimensions Profile.


Build rapport and become a standout communicator who get results

We believe that everyone aspires to be a great communicator. With The Mindset Dimensions Report™, we believe that anyone, no matter what level, can become an exceptional communicator. Our insights help you understand what will work best for every individual, to become the confident communicator that they were meant to be.


Uncover hidden team creativity and innovation opportunities

We believe that everyone has inherent creative talents. The Mindset Dimensions Report™ will give you the insights you need to bring out the creative and innovative capabilities often hidden behind cultural norms and other team dynamics.

Remote Working

Tailor support to remote workers dealing with the new work dynamic

We believe that a significant number of people working from home and juggling home-schooling and other challenges, are having difficulty dealing with the new work dynamic. The Mindset Dimensions Report™ will help you help them, the way they need to be helped.

The Leader’s First 90 Days

Hit the ground running knowing what will help make you successful as a leader

We believe that leaders, ranging from new leaders to seasoned leaders, can experience some anxiety and can do with some help in the initial period of their new role. The Mindset Dimensions Report™ is the leader’s must-have tool for their first 90-days. Understanding your and your team members’ mindset gives you the advantage you need in those important early days.

Employee Onboarding

Make the onboarding experience of every employee exceptional

We believe that an employee’s initial experience in a new company or role can make or break their likelihood to engage. The Mindset Dimensions Report™ is a professional tool ideally suited for the onboarding experience. You will learn how to use the results of the report to create a positive first 90-days for new employees, improving their assimilation, engagement, retention, and overall team effectiveness.

Measure Change

Measuring mindset change has never been easier

We believe that most organisations struggle to measure behaviour change, let alone mindset. Not only does the Mindset Dimensions Report™ provide the unique ability to measure mindset, you can also reassess mindset, ideally 6-months after the baseline was taken. It provides the perfect input to measuring return on investment on any people-related initiative, or any initiative needing mindset to change. It is also ideal for coach feedback, whereby coach success can be measured by coachee success – mindset change.


We believe that mindset is misunderstood.

And our mission is to change that.

We teach leaders and individuals in organisations to become Certified Mindset Dimensions Practitioners. This includes gaining a solid understanding of the 7 mindset dimensions – what they are, why they are important, and how they work, or don’t work, together.

We help build the foundation for business success, based on the establishment of and focus on key performance indicators identified as being essential for achieving your organisation’s overall objectives.

We coach leaders and individuals HOW to utilise their own behavioural preferences to maximum effect. We concentrate on helping them recognise and use the best personal strategies for achieving their desired goals and objectives.

We impart the knowledge, skills, and techniques that we believe will be utilised for years to come.

We provide effective feedback, which is essential in development and overall performance enhancement.

We help leaders integrate mindset insights with other diagnostic tools already in place.

Rather than merely teaching how to interpret the reports, we equip leaders with the ability to coach and deliver development initiatives based on The Mindset Dimensions Report™.

The Mindset Dimensions Report™ enables each individual to discover their most productive strategies, habits, states, and behaviours.

We believe that

mindset understanding should be embedded across the whole organisation for maximum effect.

The more people that understand mindset, the more your organisation will change.

The more you embed mindset within the fibre of your organisational language, the more people understand and talk about mindset, and therefore the more effective the effort.

By understanding mindset, it creates more empathy and opens new perspectives, and becomes a driver for innovation and change.

In understanding mindset, it creates a better understanding of diversity and becoming more inclusive as an organisation.

At Mindset Dimensions we also believe that no two organisations are the same.

We tailor our approach to your specific needs. We work with you to ensure the right solution for your business at all levels.

Our expertise in designing tailored solutions means that we are well equipped to provide you with the intervention that is exactly right for the goals of your organisation. We deliver this by working with you to identify the outcomes you want to achieve and deliver targeted initiatives that will get the right results for your company.

Frequently Asked Questions


A Corporate Package is a solution that is tailored to address specific aspirations or challenges in your organisation. We provide a range of flexible options from large group to one-on-one training and personal coaching. Our years of corporate experience ensures that with a tailored solution, you get the right solution, get the right results, and in the right timeframe.

What is a Corporate Package?
A Corporate Package is a solution that is tailored to address specific aspirations or challenges in an organisation. We provide a range of flexible options from large group to one-on-one training and personal coaching. Our years of corporate experience ensures that with a tailored solution, you get the right solution, get the right results, and in the right timeframe.
How is a Corporate Package different to a Coaching Plan?

At Mindset Dimensions™ we believe we know coaching and we know organisations. And whilst there are some similarities between the two when it comes to mindset change, we design different solutions that address the specific needs of each.

Coaches generally work with individuals either one-on-one or in groups that typically do not work together. Our Coaching Plans are designed for these circumstances. Whereas organisations are highly complex with many mindsets working together, and therefore require much more of a tailored approach to address mindset understanding and change.

I’m a coach working in an organisation. Is a Corporate Package best for me?

If you are a coach working within an organisation, similar to an external coach working with individuals or groups of individuals that don’t necessarily work together, then you have the option of either a Coaching Plan or a Corporate Package.

We would be happy to discuss your specific situation and which option may be more beneficial for you.

How much does a Corporate Package cost?

We don’t base our pricing on effort or time. We prefer instead to base our price on outcomes. What is the cost of achieving the mindset results you desire? We discuss this with you when we know your aspirations.

Can I choose what is included in a Corporate Package?
Yes you can! At Mindset Dimensions™ we believe that no two organisations are the same. That’s why we prefer to design a package that is specific to your team and your organisation. We have a range of options to choose from, so we make it easy for you to find the right solution for what you want to achieve.
Is Mindset Dimensions™ backed by science?

At Mindset Dimensions™ we pride ourselves on the rigour of our product development and our quality standards. The Mindset Dimensions Report™ has been designed and developed based on the fields of psychology, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and psychometrics. Whilst psychology and psychometrics have been with us for over 100 years, NLP is comparatively new over recent decades. We have though seen increased and promising new research over recent years into the benefits and efficacy of NLP.

We believe we would be remiss by not including NLP in our perspective of mindset, which, similar to neuroscience, has also seen recent, increasing prominence in the evolution of science.

When is access to Mindset Dimensions™ provided?

Access to the Mindset Dimensions™ platform is provided at completion of the Certified Mindset Dimensions Practitioner™ training. Once the training has been completed, you and your nominated team members will receive instructions on how to access Mindset Dimensions™ and complete the assessments.

How are the assessments completed?

Once the Mindset Dimensions™ platform has been accessed, all the assessments will be available from the dashboard. Simply select from the list of assessments to be completed and you’re on your way. It’s that easy!

Can the assessments be completed on a mobile device?

Yes, they can! We’ve made it easy to choose between using a desktop browser or mobile device. We recommend though that whichever option is selected, that there is sufficient, uninterrupted time to complete all the assessments on the one occasion.


The assessments are designed to capture mindset at a point in time. Therefore, we recommend that enough time is allocated, a minimum of 30-minutes, to complete all the assessments on the one occasion. 

How long will it take to complete all the assessments?
Completing the assessments with honesty will ensure the best possible outcome from the work we do with you, or the work you do with your team members or the best possible outcome from your self-development. This is an investment in your future, and so we recommend that you allow a minimum of 30-mins to complete all the assessments.
Can the assessments be started and finished later?

The assessments are designed to capture mindset at a point in time. Therefore, we recommend that enough time is allocated – a minimum of 30-minutes, to complete all the assessments on the one occasion. 

When do I get the reports?

Once the full suite of assessments are completed, you get immediate access to all the reports directly from your Mindset Dimensions™ dashboard.

Will my team member receive their reports?

We do not provide reports to team members. Your team members will only receive their reports if you choose to share their reports with them.

When should a reassessment be done?

A reassessment is intended to measure how much team members’ mindset has changed, taking the guesswork out of it. It also gives you the evidence you need when discussing a team member’s progress with them.

We recommend that you allow a minimum of 6-months between the initial assessment and the reassessment. This will give you sufficient time to work with your team member and for them to have made lasting mindset change. 

Do reassessments cost extra?

Initial assessments and reassessments are included in your corporate package. However, depending on your package, we recommend you monitor your report balance to ensure you have sufficient reports available when you need them.

What resources are available?

There are a range resources available that will guide you and your team members through using the Mindset Dimensions™ web and mobile versions of the platform and The Mindset Dimensions Report™. These include quick reference guides, videos and tips and tricks.

What training is provided?

At Mindset Dimensions™ we stand by the quality and integrity of our platform and comprehensive suite of reports. To maintain these standards, we include Mindset Dimensions Certification training in all our corporate packages. This extensive program includes training on the 7 mindset dimensions, interpreting the report, templates and questionnaires, a tasking suite, frameworks, and a lot more.

You may also have additional training included in your corporate package, such as the world-class Mindset Coach Certification program.

What support will be provided?

There are a range of resources available including quick reference guides, videos and tips and tricks. But if you need additional help, personalised email support is also provided. 

You may also have direct access to a designated mindset coach as part of your corporate package.

Complaints Procedure

At Mindset Dimensions we are committed to providing products and services that are of a high standard. If for some reason you have a concern about any aspect of our product or service, then we will endeavour to address your concern as quickly and effectively as possible. So that we can assist you with your concern, please provide as much detail as you can to and we’ll do our best to get back to you within 48-hours.

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