Mindset metrics for coaches, therapists and psychologists

Are you ready to become a mindset reader?

Mindset is everything.

And that’s why we measure everything.

As a coach, therapist or leader, you know that understanding what makes your clients tick is key when it comes to helping them achieve their goals, realise their potential and make lasting change.

With Mindset Dimensions™, you gain insight into each aspect of your client’s mindset in just 30-minutes.

Through our comprehensive suite of online assessments, we provide you with the mindset metrics you need so that you can get to know your clients quickly, build rapport easily and help them achieve results fast.

Nothing replaces human interaction, and with the Mindset Dimensions Report™, you’ll gain knowledge about each individual’s beliefs, values, behaviours, levels of self-efficacy, self-esteem and motivation that provides the foundation of your work with them. Thereby:

  • Enhancing your understanding,
  • Providing the foundation for meaningful communication,
  • Demonstrating your professionalism and expertise,
  • Paving the way for productive, value-based interactions, and
  • Facilitating change.

All this without spending hours gathering the information you need.

With the Mindset Dimensions Report you can:

Onboard your clients easily and professionally

By using The Mindset Dimensions Report™, you will streamline your onboarding process so there aren’t a dozen different moving pieces.

You’ll replace time consuming questionnaires and interviews with a 30-minute online assessment that gives you and them the basis upon which you can jump-start your work together.

Focus your Time and Attention

With this comprehensive diagnostic, you’ll easily recognise where you need to focus your time and attention with your clients. 

In addition to teaching you how to accurately interpret the report data, we provide you with training on how to effectively coach and task your clients for optimum results based on what The Mindset Dimensions Report™ reveals.

Give your client the insights for change

The Mindset Dimensions Report™ provides you and your clients with a unique awareness of their current mindset – including their self-perception, behavioural patterns. values, motivations and beliefs about what is possible for them now and in the future.

With questions that are specifically designed to spark insight, completing the assessments gets your client fully engaged before your first official session together.

Have a key element in your coaching toolkit

The Mindset Dimensions Report™ is an additional tool for anyone who works with people. It not only provides efficient, consistent, and time-saving onboarding, but allows a very real way of measuring progress, a process that helps both client and coach.

It saves you time so that you can do what you are best at – helping people. It will improve the quality and outcome of every session, especially those crucial early sessions, and improve the client experience. Your ability to aid your clients will be improved. The more successful outcomes you can create, the faster you can not only help your clients grow but see your business grow too.

Wow from the First Session

The information included in The Mindset Dimensions Report™ enables you to make each and every coaching session a productive and rewarding one for the client. You’ll be able to dive deeply and task right from the very first session.

Getting off to a positive start is encouraging for both parties, and creates the foundation for lasting rapport.

Prioritise Areas Needing Improvement

The Mindset Insights Report™ will guide you to prioritise the areas needing improvement, allowing you to target those areas and offer your client help with what they’re struggling with most.

Often, we have a predetermined path we know can create change, but knowing precisely where the client needs the most help will enable you to adjust your approach accordingly and improve the service you offer and the results your client achieves.

Show Your Professionalism

Seeking help with mindset isn’t always something your clients are happy to talk about with others, especially if they’re getting help with unwanted patterns, thoughts or beliefs.

Showing your expertise and your professionalism will put them at ease immediately. When your onboarding process is slick, smooth, fast, and offers them a quick win through the insights the report provides, they’ll be able to relax and focus on their progress and transformation.

Assess and Reassess to Track Progress

By referencing The Mindset Dimensions Report™ regularly throughout your sessions, you can accurately gauge how well the client is doing and monitor progress with ease.

Not only will that help you tailor the work you’re doing with them, but it will give your client an external affirmation of progress. Inner work is the most powerful element of transformation and this external validation helps recognition and reinforcement of those changes.

Manage & Track Your Own Development

It’s unlikely you would ever tell your clients they are ever “done” with their mindset work, so you shouldn’t be either. You can use The Mindset Dimensions Report™ to help focus your own personal and professional development.

Whether you’re currently working on yourself alone, as part of a group, or one-on-one with your own coach, you can use our insight tools to assess your progress.

is THE ONLY comprehensive mindset diagnostic you need to gain deep understanding of what makes your clients or team members tick.

At Mindset Dimensions, we know that Mindset is Everything. So, we measure Everything.

Our comprehensive online diagnostic tool includes 7 core assessments that combine to form the 70-page Mindset Dimensions Report.

As you can see, The Mindset Dimensions Report™ provides you with the qualitative and quantitative information you need to work effectively with your clients across each of the key dimensions of mindset.

Whether you’re working one-on-one or hosting group programs, memberships or masterminds, having these insights is an important resource, enabling you to be an even more successful coach.

You have the comprehensive suite of insights provided by the Mindset Dimensions Report – now what?

You know that having the information is one thing.

Using it to create change is another.

That’s where the Certified Mindset Dimensions Practitioner Program comes in.

As a Certified Mindset Dimensions Practitioner™, you’ll have the ability to interpret the results for individuals and for groups AND be able to coach and facilitate change based on what the report shows.

Whether you’re working with clients one to one or as part of a team or group program, the skills you acquire through the Mindset Dimensions Practitioner training program will equip you to effectively coach and lead using a proven framework of interventions and modalities for change.

You meet each person where they are.

And then work with them to get to where they want to be.

ICF Certified CCE

Our Mindset Dimensions Practitioner program is ICF certified with 38 Continuing Coach Education (CCE) credits

What’s included when you enroll in the Mindset Practitioner Program?

Module One – What is Mindset?

In this module, you’ll learn the true meaning of Mindset and why understanding each element of Mindset Dimensions™ is a vital foundation for creating positive lasting change for you and your clients.

Module Two – Model of the World

In module two, we move onto the way in which people interpret and give meaning to the world around them. You’ll learn how to help people to understand how their model of the world impacts their personal perspective, their relationships with others and the results they achieve.

Module Three – Beliefs about Self and Others

Our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us are key drivers of both action and inaction. In this module, you’ll learn a range of techniques for belief change so that your clients can achieve the results they desire.

Module Four - Values

We act based upon what is important to us. In this module, you’ll learn specific techniques to work with your client’s values to help them achieve their goals quickly and easily.

Module Five - Behaviour

Your behaviours are your response to the situations you experience and how you think and feel about those situations. In this module, we’ll explore your client’s behavioural preferences.

Module Six - Emotions

Emotions drive action. In this module, you’ll learn how to shift emotional states so that your clients are more resourceful, productive and focused on achieving the results they desire. 

Module Seven - Communication

Understanding your clients’ preferred communication style enables you to be more effective in your interactions with them. In this module, you’ll learn how to enhance communication and the results they get.

Module Eight - Report

In this module, you’ll learn how to administer and interpret the Mindset Dimensions Report™ as well as how to create a coaching plan and tasking based on the results.

Module Nine - On-going Support

Once you complete the Certified Mindset Dimensions Practitioner™ training, you’ll have access to a community of other practitioners and ongoing support.

The Mindset Dimensions Report is for ANYONE who works with mindset, behaviour and personal change.

The Mindset Dimensions Practitioner training is a combination of self-paced online learning and live masterclasses.

The training takes around 18 hours to complete and is supplemented by weekly Q&A sessions to support you in administering, interpreting and coaching on the results.


Mindset Dimensions Report Access

For already certified coaches and mindset coaches


  • Access to a full suite of recognised mindset diagnostics
  • Individual client assessment reports, profiles, and consolidated reports with details of where to focus your coaching for the most impact
  • Training on how to use the platform and interpret the Mindset Dimensions Report
  • Membership to a vibrant community of coaches for support and ongoing development
  • Resources for communication and promotion; done for you email templates and marketing copy
  • Ongoing technical support
  • 5 report credits with top ups available @24.90 per report


Mindset Dimensions Practitioner Certification ICF CCE Accredited

Everything in the Mindset Dimensions Report Access, PLUS

  • World-class training on how to coach your clients based on the results for each element of The Mindset Dimensions Report™.
  • Done for you templates and questionnaires to kick start each session
  • How to use the reports to enhance group and team-based workshops and events 
  • A tasking suite so that you know what to task and when to help your client achieve the results they desire
  • Frameworks for planning your coaching sessions so that you maximise time and results
  • Live Quarterly planning sessions
  • 5 extra report credits (10 in total)

One-time CERTIFICATION and LICENSE fee of $1999 USD (email us for payment plan details)

The Mindset Coach Certification

 Everything in the Mindset Dimensions Certification PLUS


  • Mindset Coach Certification
  • NLP Practitioner Certification
  • NLP Coach Certification
  • Time Line Therapy Practitioner Certification
  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certification
  • Training in EFT, Neuroscience and Law of Attraction Coaching
  • A business building mastermind so you can grow and scale a thriving coaching practice
  • NOTE: License is included in the program fee, with report credits an additional cost (5 report bundle = $124.50)
  • Next intake date February 2023


*Plus GST where applicable. GST is added or removed once address is entered.

Mindset Dimensions is for you if:

  • You’re a coach, therapist, psychologist or leader who wants a professional mindset diagnostic
  • You want to know what makes your clients tick
  • You want a robust onboarding process for your clients and group programs
  • You want a reliable way to measure mindset and be able to use it to create change

Mindset Dimensions is NOT for you if:

  • You’re happy with your current onboarding approach
  • You’re not interested in gaining deep insight into what makes your clients tick
  • You have a cookie cutter approach to coaching or therapy
  • You are happy to continue to spend hours discovering your clients’ mindset

Frequently Asked Questions


The first thing to do is to purchase your selected plan and provide the required information about the clients you nominate to complete the assessments. Then, the next step will depend on the plan you purchased.

If you purchased The Mindset Dimensions Report™ plan, you will get immediate access. You and your nominated clients will receive an email with instructions on how to access Mindset Dimensions™ and complete the assessments.

If you purchased The Certified Mindset Dimensions Practitioner™ plan, you will need to have completed your practitioner training before you can access. Once you’ve completed your training, you and your nominated clients will receive an email with instructions on how to access Mindset Dimensions™ and complete the assessments.

What is a Certified Mindset Coach?
A Mindset Coach provides specialised coaching to transform clients lives using a distinct coaching approach that includes a range of mindset diagnostics, change techniques and tools. A Certified Mindset Coach is anyone that has completed the required level of training and has successfully completed a number of theoretical and practical assessments. An individual that received their Mindset Coach Certification, from the Mindset Coach Academy as part of their rigorous 9-month long program, would be an example of a Certified Mindset Coach.   
Do I need to provide evidence that I am a Certified Mindset Coach?
At Mindset Dimensions we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and that they are used by our coach clients as we have intended. That is why we ask you to confirm your coaching certification from a recognised accredited training provider with NLP or mindset specialism, such as the Mindset Coach Certification from the Mindset Coach Academy, when you purchase Mindset Dimensions Report Access.
When do I get access to Mindset Dimensions™?

The first thing to do is to purchase your selected plan and provide the required information about the clients you nominate to complete the assessments. Then, the next step will depend on the plan you purchased.

  • If you purchased the Mindset Dimensions Report Access plan, you will get immediate access. You and your nominated clients will receive instructions on how to access Mindset Dimensions™ and complete the assessments.
  • If you purchased the Mindset Dimensions Certification plan or the Mindset Coach Certification plan, you will need to have successfully completed your Mindset Dimensions certification training before you can access the platform. Once you’ve completed your certification, you and your nominated clients will receive instructions on how to access Mindset Dimensions™ and complete the assessments.
Do I need to wait to complete the Mindset Coach Certification Program before getting access to Mindset Dimensions™?
No, you won’t need to wait at all! As soon as you have signed up for the Mindset Coach Certification program you will get immediate access to the Mindset Dimensions Certification training. This is a combination of on-line self-paced modules and live masterclasses. As soon as you have successfully completed the Mindset Dimensions Certification Program, you will get access to the platform. 
How do I complete the assessments?

Once you have accessed Mindset Dimensions™ you will see all the assessments from the dashboard. Simply select from the list of assessments to be completed and you’re on your way. It’s that easy!

Can the assessments be completed on my mobile device?
Yes, they can! We’ve made it easy for you to choose between using your desktop browser or mobile device. We recommend though that you select the option that will ensure you have sufficient, uninterrupted time to complete all the assessments on the one occasion.
How long will it take to complete all the assessments?
Completing the assessments with honesty will ensure the best possible outcome. This is an investment in the future, and so we recommend that you allow a minimum of 30-mins is allocated to complete all the assessments.
Can I start the assessments and finish them later?
The assessments are designed to capture your mindset at a point in time. Therefore, we recommend that you allocate enough time, a minimum of 30-minutes, to complete all the assessments on the one occasion. 

Once the full suite of assessments are completed, you get immediate access to all the reports directly from your Mindset Dimensions™ dashboard.

When do I get the reports?

Once the full suite of assessments are completed, you get immediate access to all the reports directly from your Mindset Dimensions™ dashboard.

Will my client receive their reports?
We do not provide reports to clients. Your clients will only receive their reports if you choose to share their reports with them.
When should a reassessment be done?
A reassessment is intended to measure how much your client’s mindset has changed, taking the guesswork out of it. It also gives you the evidence you need when discussing your client’s progress with them.

We recommend that you allow a minimum of 6-months between the initial assessment and the reassessment. This will give you sufficient time to work with your client and for your client to have made great progress.

Do I pay extra for reassessments?
Initial assessments and reassessments are included in the plan you purchase. However, we recommend you monitor your report balance to ensure you have sufficient reports available when you need them.
What resources are available?

There are a range resources available that will guide you through using the Mindset Dimensions™ web and mobile versions of the platform and The Mindset Dimensions Report™. These include quick reference guides, videos and tips and tricks.

What training is provided?
The training you receive will depend on the plan you purchased. If you have purchased the Mindset Dimensions Certification plan, then you will have access to an extensive program that includes training on the 7 mindset dimensions, interpreting the report, templates and questionnaires, a tasking suite, frameworks, and a lot more.
What support will be provided?
There are a range of resources available including quick reference guides, videos and tips and tricks. But if you need additional help, personalised email support is also included in your plan.
How long do you keep Mindset Dimensions Reports?
We have no need to retain your or your client’s information in any of our systems if at any time you choose not to continue to use the Mindset Dimensions platform. At your request, all information relating to you as a coach and your clients will be removed. Otherwise, as is stated in the user agreement, we delete all personal data from our systems two years after the completion of our services.
Complaints Procedure
At Mindset Dimensions we are committed to providing products and services that are of a high standard. If for some reason you have a concern about any aspect of our product or service, then we will endeavour to address your concern as quickly and effectively as possible. So that we can assist you with your concern, please provide as much detail as you can to team@mindsetdimensions.com and we’ll do our best to get back to you within 48-hours.

Excited by the possibilities?