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Everywhere you turn, people are talking about Mindset.




But no-one is talking about how you can cultivate and change Mindset.

The first step is understanding mindset. 

Next, establishing the mindset needed to achieve the desired results.

Then, creating mindset shifts to make it happen.

And we help you with all three.

At Mindset Dimensions, we’ve created the only comprehensive mindset diagnostic tool that provides you with all the information you need to coach, develop and lead people through change.

With our 50+ combined years of experience in coaching, leadership development, organisation and behaviour change  and well-being, we bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to providing robust, comprehensive diagnostics and training for sole practitioners through to Fortune 500 organisations.

Whether you’re a coach or psychologist working 1:1, a consultant delivering group programs or a business leader dedicated to understanding the mindset of your teams, we have the solution.

From the comprehensive Mindset Dimensions Report™ to establishing the desired mindset, to our dynamic suite of group and team programs we offer a range of development initiatives to support you in creating mindset shifts for growth, change and potential.

In addition to providing our Mindset Dimensions Practitioner Certification, we work with you to create a tailored mindset focussed program to suit your needs.

From pure online to blended learning and face-to-face workshops – we are your partners in Mindset development initiatives.

Helping you to create change and unleash potential – one mindset at a time.



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I’m Lara Young…

I’m Lara Young, co-founder of Mindset Dimensions, founder of the Mindset Coach Academy and Master Certified Coach.

Throughout my corporate career, which has included National Change Manager and Global Head of Human Resources roles, I designed and led large scale culture change, leadership development and transformation projects. In 2006 I established my own business consultancy and personal development practice, creating and facilitating strategic change, development and team building initiatives for clients across Europe, Scandinavia, the Baltics, the USA and the UK.

My passion has always been about creating helping people to be the very best versions of themselves – to show up, bursting with self-belief and take the action that they need to take to achieve their goals with speed and with ease.

The power of coaching makes this happen.

With qualifications grounded in psychology, neuroscience, change management and psychometrics and over 20 years of vast experience

as a coach and coach trainer, I’ve developed world class development programs that deliver both personal and professional coaching results.

My call to coach came early and I’ve spent the last three decades coaching in one form or another. Beyond that, I saw the need for coaching of coaches, for ongoing professional development and the requirements for continuity and community to accomplish the greater coaching agenda, so the Mindset Coaching Academy was born.

I’m a Master Certified Coach who certifies Coaches and Leaders in Mindset Mastery and Neuroscience based modalities to create rapid success with their clients.

I will continue to expand MCA and its  global superpower strengths so that we enable more and more  Mindset Coaching success for coaches at every stage of their coaching journey.

The Mindset Coach Certification is a dynamic, engaging program that will equip you with everything you need to succeed as a coach and to create a business doing what you love.

I’m also a solo mama of 2 adventurous girls, 2 rescue dogs and 2 rescue cats and am on a quest to find the best Laksa in the UK.

I’m Dr Trish Kemp …

MBA (Exec), MSc (Psychology), DBA

I am co-founder and director of Mindset Dimensions. I am an organisational change consultant, helping organisations, teams, and individuals all over the world for more than 20 years deal with workplace change. My passion is helping people deal with the challenges of complex and continuous change in the workplace with the right support. I have seen morale, wellbeing and engagement thrive during times of change when people have the support they need.

When Lara Young approached me to collaborate on building a comprehensive mindset diagnostic tool, I jumped at the opportunity, to not only work with Lara but to use the breadth of my knowledge and experience in behaviour change, psychometrics, coaching, psychology, neuroscience, mindset, and so much more. It also gave me the opportunity to take a significant step towards improving how people are supported through change by measuring mindset and targeted coaching.

The tool also has far-reaching benefits for the practice of coaching, including improving the onboarding experience, having access to high-quality data about clients, measuring client progress, measuring coach effectiveness, and it is a great tool for a coach’s continuous professional development.

Lara and I have an extensive roadmap of enhancements to evolve the tool to provide ongoing improvements to the practice of coaching globally – for the individual coach, therapist, psychologist, and leader coach within organisations.

We have no doubt The Mindset Dimensions Report™ will become the go-to diagnostic for anyone working with mindset and individual and organisational change.

Mindset Dimensions™

is THE ONLY comprehensive mindset diagnostic you need to gain deep understanding of what makes your clients or team members tick.